Thursday, November 20, 2008

Themed Gmail

You heard it. Google's Gmail offers themes now. Now, how did I first come to know about this? I woke up yesterday night to download some important stuff, started the download, opened Gmail in browser, checked my emails, changed my status message in Gmail to "Sleeping", let the browser remain open with Gmail, turned off the monitor of my PC, and went to my bed to have some sleep while the download was in progress.

The next morning (today) I woke up, turned on my monitor, and saw my Gmail's looks have change. Wo! I was completely surprized and wondered what had happened to it. Or was I still dreaming while sleeping. I refereshed the Gmail page and up popped a message that read something like - "You can now customize Gmail by applying themes by going to Settings > Themes. I went there and found my theme had been defaulted to the "Default theme".

I played around a bit, checking, any of the all new themes and finally settled with the Zoozimps theme. :)

You can choose from not 3, not 6, not 10, but a whole 31 themes. And all of them are pretty cool ones. I am sure you'll be able to find one that suits your taste perfectly.


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